Autonewton’s Chat Room

To use the chat program you need to be registered.

If you have already registered click here:


Rooms are referred to as “channels”. Our main room is “#general“. Click on this channel to join our main room.


To register, all you need is an email address. Consider using an account that is not your primary one or create one to register, if you want to maintain your anonymity.

You need to click the link below to register an email account.

Click on the link, enter your email address and press, “Join”.

Click this link to register

You will receive an email within a minute or so.

Sometimes the email might be marked as “junk” or “spam”, so please check your junk folders if you do not see the email after a few minutes have passed.

The email will contain instructions to register. You will pick your nickname and a password to use when you login.

Note that you will be asked for your first name and last name. You do NOT need to enter your real name. This site is purely anonymous and we don’t care what is your real name, however, the registration process asks for it.


To see chat room rules, type “!rules” in the text input field. (Words that begin with an exclamation mark, we call “commands”). The rules will then be printed by our “bot”.