Autonewton was started by Andy Poo (not his real name). Andy decided to start autonewton.com when his old bipolar support chat room was in threat of being closed. This was back when he thought he had Bipolar Disorder but it was a misdiagnosis. It did close. edwinasbipolarsupport.com, no longer exists.

Some of us followed me over to autonewton.com before Edwina’s shut. Some of the members you will meet when you join are some of our “old timers”. New or old, you will be welcomed.

About Andy Poo

Andy is a Software Engineer who writes software for a living. He is being treated for PTSD caused by an abusive childhood, otherwise he is normal.

Some people assume Andy is crazy because he is a bit eccentric.

Autonewton is an unregistered non-profit organization. We do not take donations. Expenses are very low.