Any ideas to grow our membership?

We are always looking to grow our membership. Andy has connections outside this group and I just advertised this group in the Bipolar subreddit. Here’s the link to the Bipolar subreddit:

Does anyone have any interesting weekend plans? We’d like to hear them. Please feel free to comment/share below, and I want to thank Andy for all his hard work with the bot.

2 thoughts to “Any ideas to grow our membership?”

  1. I’m going to be taking a break this weekend and catching up on sleep.

    I pulled an all nighter to write the code for the new Newton bot. It’s a lot of fun and will be more fun once we get more members.

    The !google (!g) and !youtube (!y) commands are not working. They are using Google Cloud Services and an API for custom search queries. Google is preventing me from authenticating to the service. My code was working during the trial period when authentication is limited. The problem is at Google’s end. On Thursday night I was up around 4 am working with a tech support lady? in Tokyo, called Akira. She did not resolve my issue and must have gone home. I’ve followed up with Google and have not had an answer. I will try again on Monday.

    1. I gave up with Google’s appalling customer service and have switched all my services over to other vendors. I could not get the Google Cloud Services API to work, got no help from Google to fix it, so I gave up and went to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and I am now using Bing.

      Out of protest, I deleted Google Chrome, I am using MapQuest (as Google Maps is broken now), I have switched to Bing for web searches and won’t use Google anymore and I’m also planning at some stage to get rid of Gmail too.

      I wrote Google and told them all this and wrote to them:

      Just so you know, you won’t need to worry about supporting me as a
      customer anymore; I am no longer one. I have stopped attempting to use
      your broken API and have gone elsewhere. I am also going to other
      services, such as Mapquest, since you ruined it when you switched over
      from the Classic Interface and now it sucks so bad, it’s unusable. You
      used to get sane directions and maps you could print. The only way I can
      print maps with the new interface is to rubber band a screen shot and
      print that. When you asked customers for their feedback on the new
      interface, I begged you to keep the old one going. You never responded
      to me and ignored my concerns because I don’t matter as a customer.

      The only service I will continue to maintain is Google Mail because it
      is too painful to tell all my contacts my new email address. You almost
      lost me as a customer there too. Some moron at Google suddenly decided,
      without telling anyone that my Thunderbird would stop working. It wasn’t
      until days later that I realized I wasn’t getting any emails. Luckily. I
      understand enough about computers and was able to fix the problem by
      lowering the security settings in my account. Thank you for notifying me
      that I would receive no email for several days.

      If you mess up Google Mail anymore, you will have lost all my business.
      Don’t fuck that up too.

      I don’t expect you will read this as it will either get lost or no one
      actually reads any of these emails.

      It will feel like Christmas Day if you ever respond.

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