Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone,

I’d love to increase the interaction with this site. Today I invite everyone to introduce yourself in a paragraph or two. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give your real name – it can be a made up name or a moniker. Leave last names out please. Get creative! What don’t we know about you yet? How did you find our site?


Picture courtesy of Cher, a chatter on our site.

What is autonewton?

Autonewton is a community of people who deal with mental illness. To be a member, you must have a mental illness or are close to someone who does. We try to support each other, share our lives with each other and have some tears and laughs with each other.

If you have a mental illness or know someone who does, you are welcome to join us; we will be glad to have you.

We have a chat room. To register or to go to it, click on the “Chat” tab.

Why “autonewton”?

Newton was a brilliant scientist. The story goes… he was sitting under an apple tree and an apple landed on his head and he discovered gravity.

“Auto” implies something automatically happening. We hope you will have a Newton moment and discover something about yourself or other people.

Have a Newton moment and come join us!